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With Ece Bas it was a clear case from the very beginning: a baby who instead of crawling around rather does an elegant hip swing simply has to become a dancer. Before following her oriental roots and trying Folk Dance and other dance styles Ece first tried a lot of different sports. But with standard sports Ece missed the music, and music of all kinds had always fascinated and inspired her. So it did not take long before Ece listened to her heart and followed her love for music, diving into the exciting world of dance.
And it is this world of music that suits her humorous and spontaneous character like nothing else, a world that she keeps on shaping to her own will and ideas. Apart from all Streetdance Styles Ece Bas also masters Classical Ballet and Latin American Dances like Salsa.
She loves to mix the different styles and often integrates Hip Hop, House and Locking as well as traditional elements in her choreographies. It is this versatility that distinguishes Ece as well as her inimitable way of motivating her dancers, pushing them to their limits.
As the creative head, dancer and choreographer of her own dance group Ece started already at the age of 14 to translate her visions into action. And she never stopped to do so with ever growing success: in 2015 together with her A.C.I.M. Dancecrew she won the title of vice world champion of the United Dance Organisation. Ece is incessantly on the move as a dance instructor at various dance schools and workshops in Germany as well as in Istanbul or France. And this career even led her to the legendary Millenium Dance Complex in Los Angeles, USA – a real highlight! Even after more than 10 years as a dancer and choreographer the thrustful 25-year-old keeps on reinventing herself, expanding her knowledge and skills, gathering inspirations from all over the world.
A life without dance? For Ece this is unthinkable. Dancing makes her feel at ease and lets her express all her emotions and feelings. “Dancing unchains your personality, no need to disguise – everybody is accepted the way she or he is.“ This is the example that she also personally sets for her students. Ece Bas sparks and enthralls the audiences with her dedication, presence and charisma, sharing her great passion for dance with heart and soul.

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Coach, choreographer and dancer of the A.C.I.M. Dancecrew

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