Especially now, where we can’t really meet friends or go out, most of us are looking for some stay- at- home or indoor activities. What could be better than sitting on the balcony and reading a good book?

For every bookworm out there ( or everyone who needs to become one due quarantene) we have a variety of books we can recommend fo you to read. Our selection contains everything: from Thriller to fitnessbooks, we even have got one about the history of hip hop!!


There‘s something for every booklover


For the ones who like “Thriller“ we can recommend “The Package“ by Sebastian Fitzek, a very thrilling story where you don’t know until the end what actually reality is.

For those of you interested in history or in famous personalities from the past, we have got you covered! In the novel “Water Music“ by T.C. Boyle you get an humouristic insight into colonialism through an adventorous journey. The book “The Gift of Anger“, written by Arun Gandhi, the Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, is about Arun sharing and explaining the knowledge of his Grandfather and the importance of relationships, role models and converting anger into power. Another book about wisdoms and tips for life is the book “What would Cleopatra do?“ by Elizabeth Foley, Beth Coates. Remarkable women of history, such as Cleopatra, Frida Kahlo, Rosa Parks and Marie Curia are presented in this amazing book.


We also have some recommendations on novels, e.g. “American Gods“ by Neil Gaiman where all the Gods from different mythologies are presented in a serious story but in a humorous way. Apart from that novel we can also recommend “Counting by 7s“ written by Holly Goldberg Sloan and “Let me tell you a story“ by Jorge Bucay. The first book is about being yourself and never giving up, and the second book is about a young man going to therapy and getting told stories and wisdoms from his therapist about life.


A little background for our training


Ayy, and now we have a big highlight for you! A book about hip hop! If you have ever asked yourself “Where and how did hip hop begin?“ and “How did Hip Hop culture evolve over the years?“, then the book „“Hip Hop raised me“ by Thames A Hudson is for you. It explains the history of hip hop with lots of pictures and interviews with hip hop icons like Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Wu Tung Clan, Nas and Drake. If you are especially interested in the rapper Eminem, we would recommend you the book „My Son Marshall, my son Eminem“ written by Eminems mother, talking about her side of their relationship.

Finally we have a fitness book for all our people interested, it is literally called “The Fitness Book“ written by Kelly Thompson. For beginners who are just starting with fitness and training it is perfect because it answers questions like „“Why are we training?“ “How are we training“ „“What are the Do’s and Don’ts of training?“ Furthermore there are also presented different types of workouts for specific body types.


I hope you liked our recommendations and found a good book to read in quarantene!!

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