Want some exciting new Input? For example about true crime, the human psyche or about the up and coming of the most succesful dancers and choreographers? Then this is the perfect blog for you!

How we got the idea…

Our crew thought, that Podcasts are a good medium and a great pastime where you have access to many interesting facts and funny stories. The recomendations of dance podcasts are especially important to us, because we know that there are many coaches or dancers out there that would love to know more about this subject. Because we got a lot of insight to the dance industry etc. through the podcasts, we want to share them with you!


Talking to friends

We’ve got three Podcasts for this subject! The first one is „Herrengedeck“ where Laura and Ariana who have won various prizes already, make their audience laugh out loud with their funny stories. We can also recommend “Beste Freundinnen“ where two men talk to each other as if no other people where there and have very honest conversations. The last one is “Unapologetic with Tevyn and Kennedy“ where a dancer and an actor from Hollywood talk about everything that concerns the Millenials and Generation Z.


True Crime

For those who have always been interested in true crime, or are mega-fans of crime tv programs, we’ve got something for you! We recommend the podcast “Verbrechen“ from the magazine „die Zeit“ where they talk about crimes, e.g. why so many murders stay undetected. The cases in “Verbrechen“ are always researched by the hosts or by the invited guests. Other recommendations are the “Mordlust“ podcast, where they talk more about the murderers themselves and about the background of the murder, as well as the “Verurteilt“ Podcast, where it’s more about trials and the legal aspect is in the foreground.



This is for all those who are interested in the human psyche! First, we have “die Lösung“ where Verena Fiebinger und Lena Schiestel adress certain psychological issues by looking at true cases and try to find „the solution“ for the problem, most of the time with a relatively easy and humorous atmosphere. Another recommendation is “Psychologie für den Alltag“ where Dr. Luciano Berti connects his own experience as a psychotherapist and -analyst with interesting and helpful psychological subjects for the daily routine. For those who like it a little bit funny, we can recommend “Psycho & Doc“, where the human psyche is explained through analyzing tv programs like the Bachelor or disney films.


Insights into the heads of the dance industry

Do you want to know how the creative directors, choreographers and dancers of Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Rihanna or Justin Bieber think? Then we have got a few podcasts you need to listen to!! “The Ins and Outs“ Podcast, hosted by Kane Silver and “Dance Speak“ Podcast hosted by Galit Friedlander. Both are formats in which important people of the dance industry are interviewed, such as: Nick Demoura, Josh Smith, Parris Goebel, Sienna Lyons … Every artist brings their own history and personality with them. But not only choreographers and dancers in hollywood showbusiness, but also founders of certain dance styles, such as “Mr Youtube“ who was one of the main founders of “Litefeet“, world famous freestyle dancers, and certified educators, such as Moncell Durden, who talks a little bit about the historical and cultural background of hip hop. Physiotherapists and Fitness Trainers specialised in dancers are invited as guests as well.

Last but not least, we have the “Passion for Dance Podcast“, hosted by Chelsea Pierotti, a sports psychologist that gives advice to coaches, for which treatments and which strategies help to get the most out of their students. She addresses subjects, such as: mental blocks, disappointment, effective punishment or motivation.


We hope you enjoyed our recommendations😊


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