You need a change? Are you bored of the classical Soda and on the lookout for something new? Then we have what you need…


Summerfull cocktails

Hey you guys, today we wanted to show you which cocktails without alcohol we love to drink and show you how to upgrade them! And the classical cocktail becomes a new sensation! At the end we even show you how you can do a cocktail with different colours! We hope we can inspire you a little for the coming warm summer evenings.


Virgin Strawberry

40 ml Cream of Coconut

140 ml pine apple juice

10 frozen strawberries

1 fresh strawberry for decoration


Give everything in a mixer and mix it until it’s creamy. Then pour it into a cocktail glass and decorate it with the strawberry.

  • ACIM-Special-Tip: Sprinkle some cinammon over the cocktail before serving, then enjoy!


Gin Gin Mule

200 ml Ginger Beer without alcohol

50 ml Soda

2 tbsp lime juice

Ice cubes

Mint leaves


First crunch some mint leaves in the glass, then mix the rest of the ingredients and finally use the remaining mint leaves for decorating. Done!

  • ACIM-Special-Tip: Instead of mint leaves, try to use some basil and cucumber!


Lillet Wild Berry without alcohol

50 ml Apple juice

100 ml Schweppes Russian Wild Berry

Frozen berries

Ice cubes


Mix Apple juice and Schweppes Russian Wild Berry and add a few frozen berries. Put in a sustainable  straw and you’re ready to go!

  • ACIM-Special-Tip: when making the ice cubes, put some berries inside, instead of just water. It looks really chic and impresses any guest!


Conga without alcohol

Ice cubes

60 ml orange juice

45 ml pine apple juice

A big splash grapefruit juice

A big splash grenadine syrup

Half an orange slice/ maraschino cherry for decoration


First put the Grenadine in a cocktail glass. Then carefully put the ice cubes in to the glass and let the orange juice glide with the help of a teaspoon, so that it doesn’t mix with the Grenadine. Then proceed the same with the pine apple and grape fruit juice. If everything worked out well, you should recognize a light separation of the different colours! For decoration you can use half an orange slice or a maraschino cherry.








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