Preparation is key

We took advantage of the past couple of months to work on, define and practice choreos so they are ready to be filmed. Because of the current corona situation a lot of competitions and shows are postponed until further notice, we can dedicate our time to other projects. Finally we could film two choreos and a freestyle-video. Three video concepts on one day? Wow, we did take on much! That was going be a lot of hard work! After a few brainstormings about the outfits and the locations we were able to create concepts that would each to one song. When everything was clarified, we set a date and it could start!

The big day has come

Fully packed with our huge bags we came tot he meeting point, some of us was even carrying more than one enormous bag.  First it was the turn of the upbeat song „Sax“ by Fleur East. With our white and red outfits we definitely rocked the choreo. Of course the choreo was filmed with different line-ups to have  more variety within the footage. Just when we ended the choreo we did a change of location for the Popping choreo. But when we arrived there, there was a little surprise waiting for us: the undercrossing with a lot of graffiti artwork (wonderful artwork) was being sprayed new. Since the sprayers were in full action we had to be spontaneous and find a different place. The new location was in front of a crane full of graffiti, by the rhine river. It didn’t turn out to be so easy to film while bycicle riders were coming from both sides, so we really had to take care that they wouldn’t cross in front oft he camera!! Lastly we filmed the hip hop freestyle video which ended up being reeeally cool. We were jamming altogether in our baggy training suits. As a reward for all the hard work we sat down on the grass, treated ourselves with some pizza (it is said to be the best pizza in Mainz!) and spent the afternoon together.




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