The lights are shining on my face. I’m getting hot. My heart is pounding. Last Minute before the showoff. I close my eyes and pray that everything will work out fine. Now’s the time; last deep breath and: 3,2,1…



We miss the moments before the show and everything else that came with it… Especially now in March, where the Southern and West-German Championships have always taken place, we find ourselves poundering what we would usually be doing, dreaming what once was normal.


The Departure

We haven’t forgotten when we would meet up to travel together, sometimes even by plane.

The departure outfit was always planned out beforehand, usually consisting of the same sneakers, black jogging pants, an ACIM-Hoodie and -Jacket. The Crew Outfit was so we could be recognized as a team and also recognize eachother in the huge crowd.

Not to mention our family and friends that came with us for support and took a picture with us in front of the „Haus der Jugend“ (one of our training locations) .

When all the bags filled with lunch packages, outfits, clothes for changing, make-up etc. were distributed in our cars and we were ready, it was time to start! Of course we had gps and were looking for the other cars, so we didn’t lose ourselves on the way.

During the car ride, we always listened to music, mostly Old School Hip Hop, because we really loved it, we chatted and also ate something.



When we finally arrived to the halls, we all got more serious. The entrance bands were handed out to us before we entered the place. The bands were in one colour for the dancers, and in a different colour for the spectators & supporters.

Afterwards it was time that somebody went to the main hall to get our bib numbers that we needed to have ready for our next show-offs. We usually had several bib numbers, since most of us participated in different categories, like Solo, Duo, Quad and the most important one, team. So, the bib numbers needed to be kept in a safe and organized space.

Depending on the time schedule we split into different rooms, but we always hoped our turns would be one after another so we could support each other! We always did our warm-up timely before the performance and if needed we would go over the steps and formations one last time.

Now it was time for the first performance! But with so much to do our “After the performance“ was before the next performance; we had to be prepared.

When the Solos, Duos and Quads were done, it was time for the special moment we had all been waiting for. Finally we could dance and present the show that we had practiced almost daily for several hours in the last few months!!


After the show

Afterwards we usually stayed to watch our competitors and to get an impression of what we should expect for the following competitions, but also just because it is interesting to see the concept and shows from different crews. We also looked forward to the Judge Demos, where each judge showcases his dancing skills.

After a long exhausting day we were proud that we had given our best and often came back with lots of prizes 😊


Last but not least

We miss the championships and everything that comes with it a lot, but we also are very thankful that we were able to be in those moments and we are looking forward to being able to participate in championships again! Until then our motto is: Continuing dancing together and sharing our passion!


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