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If you have been following us for some time, you might have noticed that we dance to a lot of different styles and Music genres. We mostly dance Streetdance, which consists of Hip Hop, House, Whacking, Locking and Breaking among others. Each with their unique style. Furthermore, it is very important for our coach Ece to educate us versatilely, so we can experience different steps, grooves, feelings & expressions so we can use them in our repertoire.

Everywhere in the world different dances reflect the spirit of each culture; reasearching each culture helps one get inspired, knowing the cultural history behind each dance enriches our understanding of it. – that’s how cool cross over projects arise and an exciting exchange!

That’s why we decided to present you the most important ones:


Hip Hop Culture

Hip Hop is one of the fundamental dance cultures that forms our crew. From the Bronx in the 1970’s it originated, and with its popularity emerged a huge Hip Hop scene. Without that scene we wouldn’t even exist as a dance crew. It is important to know the origins of the different currents and sub-categories of hip hop, just like the feelings that are connected to them.  We freestyle and we dance a lot of choreos with Old School Steps, which we even know by name (Bart Simpson, Brooklyn Bounce and Monastery). Our coach really pays attention to us executing and calling the steps by their correct names.


Salsa Show – not only Salsa

Sometimes we combine different cultures in one show!! Because of our multifaceted show-music we were able to fuse Afro, Stepping and Dancehall apart from Streetdance. These are all dances and rhythms that have african roots: Salsa emerged from afrocuban rhythms among others and evolved in New York City. Stepping originated in afroamerican fraternities and sororities in the US and Dancehall evolved from Jamaican Reggae.

Even though those styles come from african roots, they each have their own distinguishable essence, which is something you also notice in the execution. Afro and Stepping need to be executed with a lot of power, because these dances are very expressive and grounded. When dancing Dancehall, keeping a certain groove is important as well as using the hips to feel the vibe!

For getting a sense of the Salsa feeling, we went dancing to a bar where we practiced with different people and soaked in the atmosphere . As well as the original Salsa experience, Ece contacted several Salsa experts from which we took some great workshops and were able to improve.


That already sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?

But just to refresh your memory, we did Hip Hop, Salsa, Afro, Dancehall and Stepping… But as if that wasn’t already enough! We also did a Bollywood Show, which was themed by the typical dance steps of bollywood movies and a show that was inspired by Japanese ninjas. And finally we learnt some traditional turkish dances from our coach Ece for her sisters marriage, which turned out to be a lot of fun and expanded our horizon! 😉


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  1. Ryan

    Cool stuff! Wouldn’t you like to make a video series in which you teach a few basic movements from every street dance style? So everything there is. Hip Hop, Salsa, Afro, Dancehall, Stepping, Locking, Popping … it would be fun with you guys. The dance schools have all closed because of the pandemic. And everything I’ve found on Youtube so far is kind of chaotic. I don’t understand anything there…

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