Like everyone else we also need to be at home because of the current situation. But to continue the training, so we don’t just lie around and being lazy all day at home, we had to become creative. Our coach Ece has created a indoor workout program with different strength exercises. On top of that, so that it doesn’t get boring, we get new tasks every week, which bring us to our individual limits – and let me tell you, the tasks are really tough!


If you like to read more about our home workout, there will be some new blogs about it here on our website soon! You can also take a look at our Instagram channel, there you can get an insight into some of the tasks.


At least once in a week we videochat with the whole crew, so that we can stay up to date and exchange information with each other in the group. During the chat we train together or talk about how the last week was.


But what do we do for the rest of the time? We want to give you a little insight into our everyday life, so here’s my daily schedule:


The morning


First of all, the most important question: When do you get up at the moment, now that there is no school/university/work? Do you use the time to sleep in or do you still get up early to keep your daily rhythm? Or do you still have to go to work/Home Office every day?

I try to find a middle way and get up around 8am every morning. After that I wash myself quickly and brush my teeth. I usually wake up hungry, that’s why I directly have breakfast and a delicious tea. Meanwhile I use my mobile phone and scroll through social media to check the news. After breakfast I like to clean up – I try to tidy up something different every day.


Depending on how exhausting the morning  was or how I feel, I do some exercises. To bring some variety into the day, I either dance, do some strength training, yoga or any other kind of sport.


One or two times a week I go to work to take care of elementary school children. That’s of course a big different to a normal working life, and I always look forward to see the kids – even though I do the tasks only with one individual child instead of the whole class.


The noon


After that I am hungry again, so I think about what I can cook. Sometimes there are days when I’m in the kitchen a little longer and try out new dishes and then there are days when it has to go fast. After my lunch I usually go out for a walk in the fresh air, ride my bike or get some groceries.

When I arrive at home I do things that are due for work or university. Since I got my finals coming up next semester, I’m already preparing myself for that.


The evening


In the evening I usually don’t make any plans and just do what I feel like to do at that moment. Sometimes I get creative, sometimes I read a book or watch movies and series.


How do you spend your time at the moment? What is your favorite thing to do against boredom? Let us know in the comments.


Don’t let this tough time get you down and try to use the time you have for yourself. Try out new things, rest a bit or educate yourself and get to know yourself better! #stayathathome #wearestrongtogether


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