Everything about the celebration of our coach Ece, you can read up on here…



The birthday of our coach Ece was knocking on our door and it was time for us to decide what we were going to do about it. In our crew we usually coopeerate to get somebody a birthday present. This time we decided to do something together, because we also want to give back to Ece, who has been training us for 10 years and dedicated so much time, passion and love to ACIM. We decided we were going to do a Picnic-Brunch,  now it was time for the organisation…


What goes on the list?

Since we decided that a picnic would be a better idea than a restaurant in times of corona, everybody had to bring something to eat. Some of which was bread, butter, cheese, spreads, vegetables, fruit and of course healthy salads. There was something for everybody, even a few special foods, like a hazelnut spread that tastes like Kinder Bueno, or the tomato-mozzarella with a very yummy spice you could only get at a special supermarket. The pretzels were our personal highlight, because they are usually our go-to-snack before training or during a lunch break.

Not only did we have to plan for the food, but we also had to bring picnic blankets, plates, cutlery and napkins so we could really enjoy it.


Being together

When everybody was there, the picnic was set and everybody had wished Ece a Happy Birthday, we could get started. Afterwards we enjoyed all the delicious food and just spend some time together. That felt really good!

In the end we dance battled a few rounds. Usually when we battle, we form two groups, choose a streetdance-style and then somebody from the first team starts off, then it’s the turn of the other group and so on… After a few rounds a winner is chosen. This time we battled in many different styles: House, Hip Hop, Locking, Commercial…at the end even breakdance. That was so much fun and brightened up our day even more!


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