Over the past 7 months we were wishing and hoping that we could train all together soon. Now, it finally is happening! Due to the loosening of the Corona rules it is all possible. At least outside! We are able to train with 10 people and our trainer outside and with 5 people and our trainer inside. That means for us: Training on the basketball court on Saturdays and training inside with one half of the crew, the other half via Zoom during the week.

Differences to online training

Now that we are training again outside or in the studio, a few things are changing: We have more space to dance full out, put on our shoes again and don’t have to worry about our neighbours complaining for making too much noise. All of that has a consequence on the intensity with which we are training and it is a lot more exhausting than training at home.


Must-haves for training outside

To survive our training during these warm temperatures, we obviously need sunscreen, a cappy, a towel and enough to drink. When the temperature is not too hot (over 30°C) we are fine. We love enjoying the weather while we’re dancing. A perfect combination!


More than happy

Just being together, the chatting before and after training, the shared motivation when we do our push-ups and burpees, the watching and dancing for each other, sharing our energy, that just feels amazing! We are so happy that all of this is possible now!!

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