One of this years biggest Jobs for ACIM was the Fitness and Bodybuilding Fair called „FIBO 2018“ in Cologne. FIBO is the world’s largest trade fair for fitness, wellness and health with over 150.000 visitors from more than 100 countries. We had a breathtaking day – we joined this gigantic event and worked for the fitness label Olimp!

An exciting day begins

It all started in the early morning hours: everyone knows the traffic near Cologne especially on the weekend is always tricky. But with such a big event we didn’t want to risk anything, so we met already before the sun rose. The whole crew was excited and finally after a short briefing we made our way to cologne. The mood was relaxed and everyone was curious about all the exciting experiences that was waiting for them. Everyone knew that on a fair with so many spectators and visitors, the fullest commitment of every single person was needed!

Fitness, bodybuilding and dancing – the PERFECT combination

With a lot of good music and a super fun drive we arrived very motivated and in great spirit in cologne. We were warmly welcomed by a kind lady that took us to thehuge  stage of Olimp. The label is internationally known and offers sports fashion, supplements, health food and much more. From our earlier jobs at FIBO in 2016, we already knew the dimensions of this fair, but yes we were still overwhelmed by the bustle that prevailed at this early morning hour.

The Olimp team was already in a great mood and welcomed us joyfully – finally we were able to start preparation for the big shows. Everything went really fast and suddenly it was about to get serious: Before they opened the doors for all visitors, we had a quick run through and soundcheck on stage. ACIM was not only booked for a dance show, we also had to do a fahion show which included dance elements to present the current sportswear of Olimp.

Spotlights on – Let`s go!

The first visitors poured into the big halls. We were ready to rock the stage! The setting around the stage was also very special: a huge screen on the back of the stage showed cool image films, the lightning changed constantly in harmonious blue and purple tones and there was loud music everywhere – motivation pure. For our shows we got extra spotlights to highlight some amazing choreography and elements. As a dance group which started regionally and was mainly participating at smaller, simpler events we were proud to be a part of this event. Everytime we’re performing on stage it is a totally different experience, even for us after 10 years.

With the great feedback that we have received from both the Olimp team and the spectators, we knew for sure: the shows were a complete success! Loaded with so much positivity we now had time to walk around this big hall and see some amazing other shows and stands from other companies.

A relaxed ending… bye bye FIBO 2018!

In order to be able to give the absolut best on stage, we have to stay physically fit. That’s why our rehearsals also include various forms of full body strength training. We were honored to be able to see professionals that gave us many valuable information and tips for our fitness development. As a special highlight at the end of the day, we also met fitness models and other celebrities, who are known from Instagram and Co… It was a pleasure to see how open and friendly everyone was and how fitness professionals and companies showed interest in our group and the streetdance itself. Some have also talked about their path and shared some personal impressions that motivated us to continue to pursue our goals to the fullest.

With so much positive feedback and a good, slightly exhausted feeling the crew left and headed back home. After an exhausting and successful day we all were happy and took a lot of new experiences home. FIBO 2019 – we cant wait to be back!

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