David is our man for acrobatics: he is always dancing in our show performances at championships and impresses everybody with his acrobatics skills! So why not learn more about the process of the preparation etc.? That’s why we interviewed him:

What are your favourite tricks from acrobatics? Why?

„My favourite trick is the sideflip! I always manage to do it, even if I haven’t done any acrobatics in a year! I just think it looks dope and always works!“


When and where did you start doing acrobatics?

“Honestly, I don’t really know… When I was little I used to do saltos on the trampoline and eventually I started doing tricks for the ACIM shows… First I started with something small like a flying roll, then the salto, the back salto etc. Always building up from one to the other.

I taught myself the whole thing by watching youtube videos or by asking people that already could do the tricks and practiced in a sports hall.“


How and where do you practice the tricks? Do you need to set something up?

„I usually start on the mat where I try to slowly approach the tricks. If it’s working on the mat I go to the meadow and do the trick there. And if it’s working on the meadow I try to do the trick on the normal floor…

Before, when I was still in High School, one of my main subjects was sport and I was able to use the floor for gymnastics in the University. That was really cool, because I had more spring force to do the tricks. Since I don’t have the possibility anymore to use the sports facilities of the university, I now practice on a meadow.“


Acrobatics in a show… At the beginning, in the middle or at the end? What do you prefer?

„Definitely at the beginning or in the middle! At the end of the show the legs are very tired and it costs somebody quite an effort to do a salto. It feels like just having run a half marathon and somebody asking you to do a salto… (David laughs) … without oxygen by the way…“


Are there any tricks that you still want to learn?

„Tricks that I would like to learn… I’m not yet able to do tricks with twists, so I would like to learn one. Maybe I start first with one that contains a half twist.“

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