Our best wishes

ACIM wishes you all a happy, new year! We hope you did come well and overall healthy into the new year and were able to celebrate in a small circle !!


This time the new year’s eve was obviously a different one, because everything is unsure and it will probably stay that way for a while. Many people have also lost someone in their lives or have been strongly affected otherwise by the consequences of the virus. So, of course it is understandable if one is not in a festive mood. Are you looking ahead to the near future full of hope or more with criticism?

Learnings from the last year

In this specific year we really learned what’s important in life: being with family and friends. Being able to share the passion of dance together and getting together even though we have to practice social distancing, wear masks or do it online. To find ways to spend the time jointly without putting others in danger. Our training together was always the highlight of the week that kept us going in spite of quarentine. Also, through some homework Ece gave us, we were able to work on our progress, get better and show our creative skills. Those exercises included creating our own choreographies or  focusing on only certain aspects of freestyle so we can better those skills.

In view of ACIM

The getting together, through training, but also through game nights, as glimmer of hopes in these times, are things that we want to take with us into 2021. We know that we will find a way to make meetings happen, even if it is going to be online, we go through this togehter, as a team. We also are really looking forward to our concerts, if they take place, and to our videoclips and projects that we will definitely film once the situation has loosened up. The statement continues to be: Stay positive!! We can do this!!





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