Easter, training camps, meet-ups and everything else during the season…


In one week it‘s finally Easter! A family celebration we‘re all looking forward to! Most of the time with a big meal and lots of chocolates! Even though you might not celebrate Easter, I am sure that you enjoy your freetime in this beautiful season called spring. Because this year big family gatherings aren’t allowed we might need to celebrate over zoom and make the best of the situation.:)


Spring is here!

Easter also always means spring: the sun shines early in the morning, birds are tweeting and flowers are blooming. It’s time to put away the winter boots, put your sneakers and jeans on, leave your scarf and beanie at home. You can do a lot more outside and use your time differently. Under normal circumstances, using our time outside, means in our case: To go jogging together as our warm-up during our easter training camp, where we also use our lunch breaks to eat outside and spend more time together.


Our Training camp

In the holidays we have our traning camp, except during the christmas holidays. Training camp during easter holidays means that we are training 6 to 8 hours a day for the UDO european championships, practicing our formations, choreographies etc. The training also implies jogging for stamina as well as strength training, so that we are prepared for the show itself and the months to come.


Cool locations

Since no Championships are taking place right now due to the pandemic, we are only able to train at home, so this year everything looks (as did last year) a little bit different. Because we are still training at home, there is still a lot of content for filming. Last year we did a lot of our own choreos and concepts as well as freestyle-exercises that our coach Ece gave us. This year there are more choreos that Ece, Julia or Malik teach us, because we are training a lot over Zoom which gives us the opportunity to learn the choreos together. With all the choreos and Freestyle you can get really creative during spring when it comes to filming locations, because you are not limited to the space inside your house, you can go outside to find cool spots.


Last but not least

We wish you all a Happy Easter, for those who celebrate it, for those who don’t, we wish you well and Happy Holidays!


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