Boomerang, Superzoom & Co have belonged to our Repertoire for a long time now – but what are Reels? – With Reels you can, similar to Tik Tok, film short clips with effects and sounds.  Perfect to get really creative – we needed to try it out!


A supercool show-outfit Reel

At first, our girls Luana and Miriam had the great idea to do a Reel presenting our show outfits from the last couple of years. Because of the feature they could magically do some smooth transitions: They did “jump into” the next outfit and danced the corresponding style. At the end it looked like a lot of work those two had done, it was mind-blowing. Since the results and the response were pretty good, we decided to film a Reel altogether. The idea for the next Reel was supercool: the transformation from sweaty, unstyled people wearing baggy clothes, into very styled ladys in more elegant clothes – Basically from our everyday-look to a version of us that almost nobody knows.


Getting ready for the shoot

This idea was best to realise directly after our training, because we usually already train in baggy clothes like sweat pants or hoodies. After our stretching routine we did the first part of our Reel – then we could get ready stress-free for the second part. For the glamour moment everybody brought their make-up and fancy clothes. When we were done with the styling we needed to make sure that we would stand in the same place than we ended the first part of the Reel and we would do the same movement  we did before. For the transition it was also very important to have the camera angle the same as it was before, which we had noticed a little too late: The recording cellphone was located above one of our make-up bags – which we had taken ourselves to do our make up. Ups!


Going out together

In spite of the little fail, we did it! All in one, the  Reel feature is a little bit tricky and not so easy as one would think – but that makes trying it out so much more fun! Of course we not only did our make-up and changed our outfit only for the Reel, but we also went out to eat afterwards and let our day come to an end – the perfect close for our first crew Reel!


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