Hey, my Name is Nayeli, I am from ACIM Dancecrew and I am going to tell you a bit about what I am doing in Los Angeles! Right now I am in a scholarshipprogram for dance at Debbie Reynolds Legacy Studios in cooperation with Movement Lifestyle and TMilly Studio in North Hollywood.


The daily life as a fulltime dancer

The program works with dancers from all different type of backgrounds and goals, from beginner to almost professionals, from classical dancers to freestylers. Everybody who has potential and is willing to put in the work is able to apply fort he scholarship.

In the programm we dance around 30 hours a week. In the morning we have ballet and jazz technique classes, physiotherapeutical exercises to prevent typical dance injuries, Yoga, Strength Training, vocal and acting lessons, and an Intensive with a choreographer. In the afternoon we continue with our personalized scheduled classes. The head of the program Erin Marino observes our progress – depending on what we need and our wishes and goals are, she concipates our schedules. The schedule consists of many different styles: it can range from hip hop, Afro, Dancehall, Jazz Funk, House, Locking, Waacking, Contemporary to Salsa.


Many great experiences

After seven months in LA and in the program I can say that I have learned and grown a lot. Now I know what a Piqué, Tombé – Pas de Burree – Glissade – Saut de chat is and I know what to do when they are telling me to do a tuck jump, a grand battement or a tilt. In my side splits I am almost touching the ground! I still remember my first stretching class when they asked us to do the splits and I got horrified, especially since I always thought I would never be able to do that. Well turns out I was wrong 😉 My abilitiy to retain choreos got a lot better which is something that is very important when you go to e.g. auditions. Something else that the program has taught me so far, are obviously the insight into different styles and learning their basics and variations. The program also is very hard on work ethic, punctuality and professionalism and on passing knowledge onto us how the industry works which is preparing us for the reality of the dance industry in LA. Another very important point they are teaching us is about mental health and how the check up on ourselves and thinking positively.


It‘s never too late

I am very thankful for this opportunity and I know that this is a big chance for me. A lot is to have the courage to be curious, to ask questions. That’s how you get to know people that have the same or similar goals then you. Often you get ideas or see opportunities you have never seen before, even though they were directly in front of your eyes. Before I was in ACIM, I didn’t even really know that there was a big commercial dance industry in Los Angeles. However talking to Ece, Malik and Free helped me to create a bigger picture of the dance industry in LA and which opportunities and jobs were existing there. Knowing that Malik and Free started dancing professionally in their late teenage years helped me to think that it’s possible to start a dance career as a commercial dancer now.


Perfectly prepared by ACIM

Through the one and a half year experience with ACIM and Ece Bas as a very disciplined, hard-working coach I have learned a lot about discipline. Let it be through very strict attendance policy, punctuality (you need to be there 10 minutes before training starts), regularity, organisation or the obligatory warm-up and cool down. The principle of training being a huge priority I can find again in the program and adapt very well to the huge amount of training we have. Ece is doing the best she can to upraise us with a great work ethic and professional behaviour. The Basics and Grooves that  were drilled with ACIM also gave me a good base for some classes, especially for house. I could even use those styles in my application video for the program!


I‘m looking forward to seeing my ACIM dance family again very soon and can‘t wait to share all my experiences with them – and to hear what I‘ve missed here!

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