A.C.I.M. Dancecrew

Boom boom, boom boom, boom boom…, that’s how the heartbeat of a dancer sounds shortly before he is about to go on stage for a big performance. “Did I think of everything?”, “Is there a part of the choreography that I specifically need to focus on?”, “Was there a part that was changed at short notice?” “Is my hair and my outfit on point?”, “Remember: Stand upright, smile and dance with power”

These are a few of the thoughts that go through our minds before a big performance. The time is ticking, we’re checking the last details before going on stage. In today’s blog we’ll give you some insights on what’s going on behind the scenes.

The countdown begins!

40 mins until performance: We start preparing ourselves with a little warm-up. The warm-up consists of a routine, so we always know which exercises to do next. We’re always in a group, even when dancing solos, so no one is alone while preparing for the performance.

30 mins until performance: We go over the formations so that we don’t forget anything. We broach some particularities in case there were surprises, like the stage is super slippery or bigger/smaller than expected. In the categroies Quad, Duo and Solo we go over the same topics.

20 mins until performance: We are checking the last details and if everything is set. Basically we are ready, the other crews\quads\duos\solos are already dancing. The excitement is rising.

15 mins until performance: We are checking again the number so that we don’t miss when they call us to go on stage, especially in the categories Quad, Duo and Solo where they not always call us by our names.

Now it is getting serious!

10 mins until performance: The voice of the MC is shouting: “I need my over 18 Advanced\Intermediate\Novice\Beginner Crews\Quads\Duos\Solos backstage right now!”. We’re making our way to the backstage area.

7 mins until performance: Not only we are getting nervous, but also the dancers around us. Especially if it’s the first time competing, someone might ask: “Hey! Are you as excited as me?”

Here we go!

3 mins until performance: The Dancers are wishing each other good luck. When dancing as a team, we always come together in a little circle for a minute of silence. The concentration is at its peak.

2 mins until performance: The MC ensures a good atmosphere and brings us to the stage with a shoutout like: “Another crew to mash up de place! Give it up for….”

1 min until performance: We are going on stage and in formation. When you are competing in Quad, Duo and Solo you have to stand on a spot that is marked with grey adhesive tape. The spot you choose as a dancer should obviously be somewhere where the judges don’t overlook you.

Shortly until performance: Now there is no looking back. We trust in the months of preparation and in our choreographies. We’re taking a last deep breath and concentrate, so we don’t miss the start signal.

Start of the performance: We are giving everything for this one moment.

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