To whom do we, as a crew, want to give love and recognition on this special day? All that, you can read up on here…

Mother’s Day

A special day!  Mother’s day is for the most part about consciously giving thanks to your mother and giving her recognition and attention, for everything that she does for you with so much love. Obviously everybody celebrates Mother’s Day in a different way. What’s this day like for you? Do you celebrate with your family, go on an excursion, prepare a brunch at home or video call your loved ones? Maybe you pick flowers or some self-made brownies to give as a gift?

We wish you, a beautiful Mother’s Day and hope that you‘re able to celebrate it with your family!


Personal occasion

On Mother’s Day we want to use this opportunity to thank the people in our environment, that always provide support and therefore are a big help on important events, such as championships.


Marianna – our Crew-Stylist

At first we have our Crew-Stylist Marianna! She is always with us and is our expert in everything surrounding hair. She advises us for example, when we want to dye our hair the same color for the big show at the world championships. She even is so kind to dye us our hair!


Luana – our Make-Up-Artist

Then we have our Make-Up-Artist Luana! Many of the crew members have learned how to properly do make-up because of her! She is also the one, that shows us cool looks for our shows, so that we learn them ourselves for the upcoming shows. Even when some of us are desperate to get our fake lashes glued, she always gives a helping hand to us.


Canan – our Crew-Doctor

Our Crew-Doctor Canan, can’t be missed in this list! She’s our go to when it comes to injuries, sickness, fainting… Meaning everything that can happen on stage or after a big showcase. somebody needs to be there for that!


Last but not Least

We want to give thanks to all the people who always come to the championships with us, providing emotional support and cheering us on! It really means a lot!

And since we‘re already thanking so many people, we would like to give a HUGE Thank you to our coach Ece, without her knowledge, her disciplined training and her passion to share those things with us, we probably wouldn’t even be going to championships! We also want to sincerly thank Julia, who takes on a lot of responsibilities in our crew and who makes it possible, together with Ece, to continue to train virtually during the pandemic.

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