A.C.I.M. Dancecrew

We want to give you an insight into ACIM from a slightly different perspective: how is it like being a new member in the crew? The answer to that gives you Nayeli, who will show you her point of view – enjoy!

Welcome to ACIM

Hey, let me just quickly introduce myself, I’m Nayeli, the dancer that has been the least time a part of the ACIM Dancecrew and I want to tell you a little bit about how it felt being the new one in the crew. It’s been almost a year since I’ve been to my first dance class with ACIM. I still remember that it was one of the last classes before winter holidays and that the warmup had already begun. I got some curious looks and bright smiles and soon they started asking me who I was and welcomed me. These kind gestures actually relieved me a lot because I was really nervous during my way to the dance class, since I had no idea how the personalities and the behavior of the dancers would be.

A lot of new input

But not only was I curious for the behavior of the dancers, I was most importantly curious about the training schedule. The schedule consisted this day of a dynamic body workout that was set up as a competition, a freestyle-session, consisting of the styles House, Locking and Waacking, and finally the stretching. Personally, I found the freestyle-session to be the most interesting part, since I was so impressed by the ability of the dancers to move that fast and that adapted to the different rhythms and beats in the songs. That was the moment when I felt that I wanted to be a part of the ACIM Dancecrew, to be taught the different movements, steps and grooves they were using for each style and the feelings that are transported through those. After the stretching sessions they all gave each other little christmas presents since it was so close to the holidays.

The following weeks turned out a little difficult for me since it needs time to get used to the new schedule, the new way of training and to a group of people that already has been training together for so many years. Thankfully, I got a lot of help and support from the other dancers. They turned out to be happy to show me some basic steps and older choreographies. Sometimes I approached them and sometimes they approached me until it suddenly became normal to go to training and spend time with them.

My very first performance with the crew

I was surprised and excited when our dance teacher Ece told me a few months ago that I should start practicing the choreographies more intensively so that I could perform for the first time in one of our shows. On the day of the performance itself I couldn’t wait to get on stage and share it with the other dancers. During the preparation as well as during the performance, I learned that one needs to enter the stage with self- confidence, certitude in the choreographies and most importantly a big smile on the lips.

Looking back, I can say that I settled in the ACIM Dancecrew and that I’m not only proud of my teammates for having me welcomed so genuinely, but also of myself for having been brave enough to put me in this situation.“

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