What is „One Billion Rising“?

One Billion Rising is a dance campaign for solidarity with women that have been victims of violence.

The One Billion in „One Billion Rising“ stands for the amount of women that have or are experiencing any kind of violence, like e.g. sexual assault, physical violence or femicides. Sadly this figure stands for one in every three women around the world. One Billion Rising stands for showing the world that one billion women (and men) are on their side, dancing in the streets together for their cause.


The Dance-Campaign

Usually the flashmob takes place on the 14 th february, on the V-Day, an international campaign-day against violence against women, where people from 190 different countries go out and demonstrate. This year this wasn’t possible because of the pandemic, that’s why the organizers came up with a solution: Everybody who wanted to participate could learn and record the choreo at home. At the end those videos were put together in a compilation. What a great idea!

So we decided to participate too, we learned the choreography to the song „Break the Chain“ step by step, recorded it and sent it to our local organizers.


Final words

We enjoyed participating in this campaign because we feel very strongly about their cause and participating in the project sends a signal against violence towards women. Especially in times of the pandemic, violence towards women has risen because most of the affected women have to live with their aggressor in the same home and are forced to stay there without having a daily escape. How terrible!

We’re hopefull that more people were able to participate in this years cause!



Flashmob: (9) OneBillionRising – Mainz tanzt gegen Gewalt an Frauen – YouTube

Maybe you’ll recognize one or two familiar faces 😉


The official website: – One Billion Rising Revolution






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