In this blog we want to tell you all about our trip to Blackpool this summer. We participated in the UDO Streetdance World Championship in almost all categories: Battles, Solo, Duo, Quad and Team. For the supreme discipline Team, we have again been inspired by Latin dance styles – but let’s start at the very beginning!

Day 1:

The big journey started at Frankfurt airport. The whole crew was gathered, our sports bags and suitcases were crammed with different outfits and accessories and we could not wait to get on the plane. For the first time ever, our crew went to Blackpool, a seaside resort north of Manchester. When we got off the train at the destination of our trip, a fresh sea breeze hit us directly. The huge beach greeted us and we took a deep breath – we arrived finally!

Day 2:

After getting used to the new surroundings, we started the day with the first challenge: the battles in the categories House, Hip Hop and Locking! Here it was all about freestyle and getting involved in the particular style. In the evening we still had the chance to rehearse on the show stage for the next day’s performance. A quick set-up and then the day was already over.

Day 3:

On the third day we were finally about to present our show. We had been working towards this moment for months and we could not wait to show the audience and the jury our passion for salsa. After the performance, the relief was great – the first hurdle was taken. Now it was time to wait and see if we had reached the finals directly or if we had to be back on stage the next day. The wait seemed endless, because the results were published late at night on the UDO homepage. But sometime, shortly before going to bed, the news came: WE MADE IT TO THE FINALS!

Day 4:

With this huge motivation in the back we were ready for the solos. Here we danced through several preliminary rounds, to get the chance to dance in the final. One of us made it through and we were very proud to have a dancer in the final. In the evening we trained again the show for the coming final day. The final touch was done, now it was only about putting it on stage.

Day 5:

Our last and most important day in Blackpool had begun. In the finals there were only the best crews from all over the world. We were very excited and could not wait to get on stage. Shortly before the performance, we fueled up together and encouraged each other. Now the time had come: we were on stage for the last time for this World Cup.

The performance was over, we had given everything that was in us at this moment. Now we could not change the result. We were taking a deep breath and then we gather to wait together for the award ceremony. In the end we were under the first 8 crews and were very proud of this result. Our Chiara even got 4th place in the Solos – what a awesome performance!

But even more than the placement, the feedback from all sides was important to us. We were able to take a lot of input home and were glad to have experienced this special moment on stage once again together. These exciting journeys and experiences we make together mean the world to us. We are proud of the path we have taken together so far and can not wait to see what awaits us in the future. After the performances at the end of the year, the German championships will be next – let’s see what else is coming in the New Year!

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