Hello dear ones, my name is Chiara and today I introduce you to a destination that is special to me. At the moment going on vacation abroad seems to be a little difficult and rather unlikely… However, if going abroad this summer isn’t happening, there is even more time to plan one of the best trips for the summer 2022. Every year I travel back to Italy or, as the young Goethe said, to the country where the lemons blossom, because family members live there. In this blog I would like to introduce you to the destination Salento and give you some secret tips with which you will have an unforgettable time, I promise you.


Salento – What can I imagine it to be?

It is a province of Italy whose capital is Lecce. In addition, we are dealing with a really beautiful peninsula that has a lot to offer, such as the beaches that resemble the Caribbean beaches… but more about that later. If you are wondering where exactly you can find it on the map, just watch out for the heel of the boot.


My personal favorite places

To recommend is the capital Lecce, which is a baroque city with a number of churche like the Chiesa Sant’Oronzo or the Cathedral. The Roman amphitheatre lights up in the evening and is a meeting place for many people. Lecce is also known as the Florence of the South. I would say: just let yourself be inspired by the city and its Italian flair!

Another destination is Otranto, a fishing village, where walks through the beautiful alleys are a must. For all lovers of fish…it is worth spending an evening in the restaurant with a view of the sea. Apart from a romantic dinner in the sweet fishing village, you can also plan a day trip and visit the stalactite cave “La Grotta di Castellana”. Or you can go to Alberobello and see the “Trulli”, extremely small white houses with a grey conical roof. If you want to relax, I can only recommend the beaches in Gallipoli. Here you can expect sea water that glows turquoise. In the evening you can go to many beach parties in Gallipoli and dance like nobody’s watching! Not to forget are the sunsets at the port “Porto Cesareo”. They are unforgettable. There is the possibility to go on a small boat over to an island and see everything from a completely different side.


Vacation with the locals

I have to admit that the destinations I propose are rather touristic. Maybe you like it a bit quieter or you do not want to be in a tourist area. Then visit my grandparents’ little village “Novoli”. Especially in August , when “Ferragosto” is celebrated in Italy, all villages are decorated. In the evening we celebrate and dance and sing in the piazza. Especially in “Novoli” it is worth visiting such a “festa”, because here you can find the famous “panzerotti” of a small “pasticceria” called “Il Golosone”.

A little tip: Try a “panzerotto fritto”, you’ll thank me later. 😀


To experience a day like I would spend with the “famiglia”

What can I say, I am on holiday, but I get up as early as possible. I want to use as much time as I can! In the morning we go directly to the sea, mostly to the beach “Kalù Beach”. There I spend the day with my “famiglia”. Soak up the sun, swim, play table football at the bar and lick an ice cream. This is my idea of a relaxed morning and lunch. At about 3 pm we’ll go home, shower and eat. My nonna prepares typical Apulian food and I watch her doing it. My favourite dish is “linguine al pomodoro” with mussels. Well, getting hungry? If you want to know more, I might be able to publish some of Nonna’s recipes in a next blog. After dinner, a little nap is taken before we head off to Lecce in the evening to have a pizza and spend the night in the city. In Italy, in the daytime nothing happens, but at night there is a lot going on! What I like most is to listen to people and to be inspired by their lightness and positive attitude.

I hope I could arouse your interest in this very special peninsula for me. If so, then I wish you a lot of fun with your explorations and hope that this destination will enchant you as much as it enchants me.

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