Today we’ll tell you a little about the process of choosing our show outfits. There is a lot to consider to get the expected result and show concept in the end…


First we look at what the theme of our show is, which means: in which musical direction goes the show? Is it more Bollywood, Salsa or even Ninja? Depending on that we think about what could fit to the theme, for example for Bollywood golden details or points on the forehead, for Salsa the colors black and red and for ninja more black and maybe a blindfold?


Window Shopping

After thinking a little bit about what could fit regarding the colors, we look on the internet for things that could match our ideas. We try to imagine combinations of the findings with other pieces on the internet or with pieces that we already have from other shows. When we found a few pieces that could potentially make up our outfit, we order each piece in one or two sizes.


The fitting

After the package with the clothes arrived, it’s time to try them on. One crew member tries on the piece and then we check if it’s the right fit or if it turned out to be smaller or bigger than we thought. We also check how the cloth feels…Is it scratchy or of bad quality? How does the piece of clothing look in reality? Does it look the same as on the internet? Does it slip while dancing? Is it necessary to wear a belt or put on some tape? We also check how the sizes fit the other crew members so that we know in which size to order the rest of the pieces. If we didn’t find what we were looking for, we continue looking or order materials to create the pieces of clothing ourselves.


The final steps

After we choose an outfit we send back the clothes we didn’t want and order enough of the pieces we really liked. Everybody tries on the trousers to see if they fit well or if they need to be shortened. However, if we choose selfmade clothing, the real work starts at this moment! For our last show, little bundles needed to be sewn to the pants individually. A whole lot of work! Our crew member Luana usually has the ideas and the skills to realise those ideas!! Last but not least there is a dress rehearsal with the new outfits so that we are prepared for the show!! Then we are ready to go😊

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