Every city has bowling halls, mini golf or a few bars. But what else Mainz (and its surroundings) has to offer – and that, despite current restrictions, you can read up on here!

7. Tiergarten Worms


The Wormser Tiergarten is definitely worth a visit. In spite of the current situation it is no problem. Just register online in advance and walk through without worrying about too many people. For the little ones there is a huge playground and other attractions. Our highlights are for example watching the cute turtles taking a bath or getting very close to the small but impressive pack of wolves through a glass pane.


6. Nerotal


A bicycle tour through the Nerotal in Wiesbaden is suitable for sports fans as well as hobby cyclists. At the beginning it is still a little exhausting, but after a while it becomes really relaxing and for the view it is definitely worth it. For example, you can pass the hut of the robber Leichtweiß and a pond – or simply take a picnic break on the large meadow.


5. Rheinsteig


What would Mainz be without “Weck, Worscht und Woi”! If cycling is too much for you, you can just walk along the Rheinsteig with a little picnic. Awarded as the “German hiking seal of approval Premiumweg”, it can only be a great route. And with good weather and nice company, it’s sure to be an interesting day.


4. Rhein promenade


It’s getting warmer and the sun is shining, so grab your inline skates or skateboard and off you go to the Rhine promenade. If you want to skate a bit more than just along the Rhine, there is also a small skater park right next to the Kaisertor. There is enough space for everyone and you will certainly meet like-minded people.


3. Rhein beach


If you want to feel real holiday feelings at home as well, you should visit the Rhine beach in Mainz for free. Because Mainz also offers “summer, sun and beach”! Challenge your friends to a volleyball game or ask some strangers and meet new people. And for those who don’t really like sports: Order a cocktail or a good beer and enjoy the view.


2. Gutenberg museum


If you want to have an insight into Mainz’s history, you can follow in Gutenberg’s footsteps for example. Right across the city, past his baptistery, the house where he was born, to the museum for the city’s most famous son, which houses the Gutenberg Bible. And if you want to give it a try yourself, you can do so at the Gutenberg printing house.



1.  Culture life in Mainz


If there is something you shouldn’t miss, then ESVUM! That stands for “A piece of us Mainz” and if the name alone is not convincing, then in any case what is behind it. The whole thing was founded by two super dedicated guys with the aim to offer a stage to people with different talents (from singing to rap to comedy and much more) and to create an unforgettable evening. We as a dance group were part of the event last year and were stunned at how many talents Mainz has to offer. Check out their Instagram @einstueckvonunsmainz!

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