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Today we want to tell you about our last championship and take you with us on our trip to Wales two weeks ago. The UDO Six Nations Championships 2018 was a super exciting weekend for us and we can`t wait to tell you everything about it!

In the second week of November, the entire crew went to Prestatyn in Wales and spent the weekend there. First we went from Frankfurt by plane to Manchester and from there by train to Prestatyn. Travelling with such a large group (of course, all dressed up in our crew outfit), we always stand out a bit, and this time even more: We had the 2-year-old Gioia – the youngest member of our ACIM family with us and she really knows how to keep everyone busy. The little one is a real sunshine and was always in the mood for a little dance in the breaks.

What an exciting trip

During our trip, we passed the time with guessing games and sometimes with a little freestyle on the platform. We quickly realized: in Wales it was way colder than in Germany. At the end of our long travel day we were welcomed in Prestatyn with a heavy rain shower, which motivated us to a quick sprint with all our suitcases to our rooms. It did not help, we were still soaking wet when we finally arrived in our bungalows. Quickly after arriving on Friday evening we directly started with a short training session to be ready for Saturday. Our Julia was still traveling in Los Angeles for the whole week before Six Nations and arrived due to flight cancellation on Thursday evening in Mainz. So it was thrilling until the last minute, if we could even start with the whole team.
After the meeting, everyone fell super exhausted into bed, because we had to get up super early the next morning!

Let`s get started – Teams, Solo and Duo

On Saturday our schedule was really busy: first we had the team performance, then the solos and duos. This championship brings together six nations: Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England, France and Germany. Since we were the only German crew, we wanted to present ourselves the best possible way. So we didn`t only want to get the qualifications for the European and World Championships, but also to get good rankings in all categories.
It all happened super fast: we arrived, fixed our outfit and hair and directly went off for our warm up. One last deep breath and we had to be ready and go on the stage.
Quickly after our performance the award ceremonies for the category teams began, which usually take place at the end of championships. We were just able to wipe away the sweat and then we had to already go back on stage to find out about our placement: the 1st place in the category Team over 18 Advanced !! We were baffled and super happy, everything went so fast and we took some time to realize what was happening. We celebrated with a tasty lunch and with this incredible feedback and motivation we started with the solos and duos.
Also in this categories our dancers did a great job and we had a lot of fun dancing and grooving with the other dancers. We achieved super rankings, from 2nd to 6th place, which means our solo dancers and the duo were able to qualify for the European and World Championships 2019!

Let the Battles begin

In the evening we slowly realized how incredibly fast and yet so successful this Saturday was. After dinner, we spontaneously came up with the idea to participate at the crew battle, which took place later that evening, just for fun and for the experience. So we arrived there 15 minutes before the start and noticed quickly: spontaneously nice and good, but this battle will be a real challenge now. We came together in a circle and discussed what to do, which different dance styles we wanted to dance and who to start with. During the battles not everything worked out as planned and there was a lot to laugh about, but we had so much fun responding to the other teams and freestyling together. In the end we even got the 2nd place in the crewbattle – and were enriched by some experiences. After that we straight went back to the bungalows, because the championship was not over yet!

On Sunday, the battles took place with the styles House, Hip Hop, Popping, Locking and Breaking. And there also was the battle of all battles: all first and second places of the teams from the previous day competed against each other to determine the 1st place overall.
No one of us would have thought that this Sunday would be so exciting. Our David danced HipHop and danced his way to the finals. It was really a super exciting battle: first it was a draw, but then after an additional round David was declared as the winner of the HipHop battle. There was no stopping for us and we jumped all over him to celebrate. But our joy wasn`t over yet! Our trainer Ece spontaneously battled House after a long break due to injury and of course we all got really excited about it. She was able to dance and took home the 1st place in the category House and we almost burst with pride to be calling us her crew and family!
And because all good things come in threes, Luana also took home the 1st place in the Locking Battle – slowly we weren`t able believe anymore what was happening and we were just speechless, what a weekend! Full of happiness we had to on stage for the very last time for this weekend, for our final performance. In this last category, everyone is dancing against everyone, no matter which age group, to determine the overall winner. The winning team would not only take home the title and a huge trophy, but also 1000 pounds!
With the success of the weekend so far we were able to go without any pressure on the stage – our coach was of course in the front row and supported us on our last performance. And again – the MC called us – Royal ACIM on the 1st place of all categories!

A perfect ending for an awesome weekend

Now, finally, all the dams were broken: together with Gioia we ran to the stage and received the trophy. What a great end for that weekend. And there was a great bonus: the venue was by the sea, so we could even make a walk along the beach after the event. At that moment we were not only happy because of the big success of the competition. Above all we were happy because of the people with whom we were able to share this happiness and for the many unique moments we experienced together.

The UDO Six Nations Championships was our last championship for this year – but we have some other things planned ahead of us. Let yourself be surprised and keep checking our newsfeed to keep up to date.

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