This summer we got a little bit more time in our hands than usual – thats‘s why we like to present you our favorite games for a game night with family and friends!


The classic

“Mensch ärger dich nicht” is a classic that no one should miss. In the board game for two to four players you have to move with all of your four figures on a target field, then you win. It’s just fun to keep throwing the others out of the game so they have to start over.


The challenging ones

The game “The Mind” is a special game, the principle is super simple: Each player has cards in hand that must be played in a particular order (always the higher number). The difficult thing is that the players cannot coordinate with each other and can only communicate using their thoughts. Sounds impossible at first – and promises so many fun and friendship-testing game nights.

We can also recommend any kind of Escape Room games. There are different providers here. They can only be used once because you destroy the game while playing, but it is definitely worth it. While solving challenging and exciting puzzles in a small group among friends, there is an inner detective is getting out of everyone for sure!


Train your brain!

Another heart-recommendation is the game “Just Words”. This game can also be played in a larger group and is also suitable for younger people. A player has to guess a word by getting tips from the others: Each player writes these tips on a card. Of course, the tip must not be similar to the word you are looking for. In addition, teammates must not have the same tip. If this is the case, these cards must be covered. Based on the other tips, the player has to guess the word.

Some of our group also like real brain games like chess. Our mish always tries to anticipate the next step of the opponent and to coordinate their move accordingly. There are so many game options and variants and it is guaranteed never to be boring.

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