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There was a little silence in our blog – but that’s over now! Since there was a lot going on this summer, we forgot a little bit about keeping you up to date about what’s happening at the moment and about what happend during the last few months. But now we’re back on the blog with an update to give you a little idea of what’s to come.

Blackpool: the sea and the world championships

But let’s start at the beginning. The last two months have kept us busy. For the UDO World Championship at the end of August it took us to Blackpool, an absolutely magical and somewhat unreal place. It was the first visit to a Northern English seaside town for us and we were fascinated by the scenery that awaited us there. The first thing we did was rushing to the beach, dipping our feet into the water and putting our noses in the fresh sea breeze. Watching the sunset together while seagulls squeaked over us was something very special for us. The photo, which you can see here in this post, was also taken at that beach. What else happened on this exciting trip and how the championship turned out, will be the part of our next blog – so you can already be curious!

New content and new challenges

After a short summer break at the beginning of September, we started with a lot of new input into our off-season rehearsals. Anyone who follows us on Instagram has probably already seen that we have been working on many new choreographies latley. Our coach Ece is challenging us a lot at the moment and we are trying to use the time without any championships to work on our strengths and weaknesses. As long as the weather is still in sync, we want to record the new pieces as soon as possible. We cant wait to share the results on all our channels.

There’s more to come!

But that’s not all! The passionate scribblers from the crew have put their heads together and came up with many ideas to give new insights into our everyday life as a dance group. One of our dancers, Nayeli, is currently in Los Angeles for an exciting dance program. She is tracking the roots of our favorite dance styles for us and will tell you guys everything about it soon. We also have a few autumn highlights planned for you: We want to show you our favorite recipes for this season and our favorite songs for a relaxed, rainy evening. But we do not want to reveal too much at this point- let us surprise you!

P.S .: If you have suggestions, questions or ideas for us, do not hesitate to leave us a comment below or to write us a message.

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