Only a few days ago we returned from the World Championships in Glasgow and we cannot wait to tell you about it. Not only the huge halls have amazed us the past days, but also strong crews from different countries and talented dancers. At the end of this amazing week, we were able to get on the plane with eight huge trophies. How this happened and which obstacles we had to overcome, is described in this blog.

The preparation

Since the end of June, we have been training intensively for the World Championships in our training camp. Every day we had several hour rehearsals to prepare the show and of course our solo‘s, duo‘s and quad.

After a short vacation break in which everyone could recharge their batteries, it was time for the final fine tuning. Here awaited us the first hurdle. One of our regular dancers got injured a few weeks before the championship.

What did that mean for our group? Would we have to dance an old show or would the whole event be cancelled? Of course not!! Motivated, we got down to work and a few days before our departure we changed our beloved show formations into one for nine dancers.

The day of departure

Excited about what will happen today, we met on Thursday morning at the airport. With the show clothes in our hand luggage, the plane started in direction of Scotland. Barely arrived at the hotel we had to go directly to the Exhibition Center of Glasgow, because our quad should already dance on this day.

Four of our dancers fought against quads from around the world. In the category “over 18” they even made it into the top eight of the world. We are proud!

A rollercoaster of emotions

After the success of the previous day, it was time to rock the stage with our show. Today it should be decided if we will make it straight to the finals on Sunday or if we need to hit the stage again on Saturday.

Here it came to the second hurdle: Unfortunately, we narrowly missed the finals but we knew we have a second chance by tomorrow. Since our coach Ece got injured in the prelims, the show needed to be changed again that evening. Now there were only eight dancers left. We was fighting through the second prelims and we made it! Finals on Sunday!

The whole team was qualified to dance in the finals in all categories. Our dancers were very successful in their solo and duo performances on the weekend, too. On the final day we rocked the stage with all of our heart and passion and proudly took home the sixth place in the team.


The world’s 2018 were a rollercoaster of emotions for us. But finally we can say: we stand together as a crew, no matter in which situation each of us is in, no matter if healthy or injured, no matter if happy or sad, no matter what! Dance is our passion and our vision is to share this love with all of you!

A huge Thanks to our amazing gorgeous wonderful and patient coach Ece, we can’t believe how much support you gave us during the last weekend, despite your own pain. Thank you for this show you created, thank you for everything!

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